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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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Database of OS/2 compatible hardware

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eCoLabs: Make new programs for OS/2

Some ideas what applications for OS/2 to develop

Russian LIP package for ArcaOS v.next

The next version of ArcaOS can be switched to russian language

OS/2 it's a toy for rich pinocchios

Maybe OS/2 users spend more money than Windows users

Warpstock 2022 USA

The conference goes in USA

WEBP codec - New technology for OS/2

WEBP - replaces JPG and PNG files

Архив новостей сайта os2.guru, ecomstation.ru с 2001-го по 2020-ый год

OS/2 Engine

Rules to follow while developing OS/2

Let's collect REXX scripts

The collection of REXX scripts will promote OS/2 help to push

Do you have questions about OS/2?

Send your questions, help find the answers to other people

Buy russian OS/2 apps

All applications are available

Russian apps for OS/2 are available for foreigners

YES, you can use applications developed by russian developers

[Как выглядит OS/2 в 2023-ем году?

Иконки программы DVD/CD Toys (прозрачные PNG)

OS/2 бюджет eCo Labs

в течение 2023 года eCoSoft могла бы инвестировать в разработку программ для OS/2. сумма 100 000 руб

Если у вас есть заготовка программы, если есть предложение - самое время обсудить.

PMView Доступна в России за рубли.

Мы вложили много сил в русификацию программы

Что может сделать пользователь os2 для рекламы программы? Обзор. На примере обработки пачки файлов Вы не поверите, но мы не сделали ни одного обзора за 20 лет.

Обновление программ:

Системная информация

  • * DevMan обновлен
  • * USB Dock перепакован

люди спрашивают

* где ArcaOS 5.1?

OS/2 Warp, ArcaOS Notizie OS/2

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 OS/2 - did you installed proper drivers?
2020-01-26 16:17:10

Future versions of DevMan will show, did you installed proper drivers for every device or not. (in other words, is it possible accelerate work of video or it works at maximal speed = is it necessa

 eCo Software, User Interface
2020-01-22 02:22:10

eCo Software is interested research User Interface development for OS/2. 1) We have offered TouchPM concept several years ago with the goal to update PM controls for compatibility with touch scre

 OS/2 compatible hardware
2020-01-22 01:49:15

OS/2 GURU published more reports about tested hardware modern motherboards USB Audio adapters Database of hardware: http://os2.guru/hardware.php What computer configuration is optima

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Applications and drivers

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Ultime aggiunte al nostro archivio:

WnnIM 2020/01
(Alex Taylor)

PM123 (Classic) 1.40 (2018/12)

Archive Tool 1.0.3
(eCo Software)

Device Manager 1.0.1
(eCo Software)


Monitor for APC UPS (USB) 0.17
(Larin Yury)


Send new bug-reports to the developers, list of bug-trackers


We recommend the program:

DVD/CD Toys - burn DVD and CD disks. Easy to install, easy to burn DVD (SATA, USB, SCSI).

Для чего нужна OS/2?

Ретро игры
Офисный компьютер
REXX программки


OS/2 по прежнему работает на тысячах компьютеров как

Кассовый аппарат
Тренажеры (для нефтяников и т.п.)


Ultimi articoli:

What commercial applications to develop for OS/2?
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Web-server running on OS/2
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Selecting a laptop for OS/2: Thinkpad X200
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OS/2 Holy cows
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Upgrade Firefox for OS/2
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Join the development of eComStation. We are going publish
more tasks for standalone developers

Compatible hardware
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Schede Audio:
ecoshop - USB DAC PCM 2704 (USB Audio)

Schede Audio:

Schede Audio:

Schede Audio:

Schede Audio:
TOPPING D10 (USB Audio) -

Schede madri:
ASUS - P8P67-M PRO (Gen 2)

HP - Elitebook 6930p

Schede madri:
ASRock - H61M-VG3 (Gen 2)

Schede madri:
Gigabyte - z370 (Gen 9)

Schede madri:
Gigabyte - z390 (Gen 9)

[Full database]

OS/2 Guru на Youtube

DVD/CD Toys utilities

OS/2 Guru is collecting videos on youtube channel.

We can upload your video about OS/2 to our youtube channel.

For dummies

Report: OS/2 compatible hardware


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